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isorocket®: Benefits/facts

Maintaining that the isorocket® permanent scaffold anchor is the best scaffold anchor of all time is not a provocative statement nor is it wishful thinking or untenable assertion; it is based on clear facts that, after taking the requirements of DIN 4426 (German standard) in account, verify the uniqueness and superiority of this innovative anchor system compared to all other competitive products in the market.

  • 1. DIBt approval

    The only permanent scaffold anchor on the market that has building approval (Germany) for masonry and concrete.

  • 2. Dimensioning

    The only permanent scaffold anchor that allows stepless construction of the façade from 100 to 400 mm. And all this in the same system.

  • 3. Wall structures

    The only permanent scaffold anchor that, due to the intelligent component structure, can be used both for ETIC, ventilated curtain wall façade (VCW) and cavity wall and reused again at any time.

  • 4. Patented 2-division

    The only permanent scaffold anchor that has a patented 2-part design of the anchor body and load distribution plate. This makes isorocket® incredibly flexible and suitable for any and/or alternate surfaces (concrete, masonry or other walls). Whilst the load distribution plate is selected depending on the surface (concrete or masonry) due to different load-bearing capabilities, the anchor bodies, eye-bolts and plugs always be used identically and universally.

  • 5. The ‘swan neck’

    This is the term used for the long plastic neck of the anchor body and it really has it all. This ‘simple’ plastic extension offers decisive function and quality benefits compared to all comparable anchor systems:

    • Attachment point for the joint sealing tape
    • Secure attachment of the scaffold screw thanks to an inside thread
    • Prevents contact between scaffold screw and wall structure (no damage to the façade possible when unscrewing the scaffold screw)
    • Ideal preparation surface for all trades
    • Can be shortened to the level of the façade after completion of the wall structure
    • Secure and thermal bridge-free attachment of the plug
    • Permanent anchor point for free reuse

    The clever ‘swan neck’ plays an important role in making the isorocket® an actual permanent scaffold anchor. A good example that very simple solutions are often the best for fulfilling complex requirements. This is probably also the reason that this principle has been more or less copied by the competition. We see this as confirmation of our solution!

  • 6. Statics/DIN-conformity

    The permanent scaffold anchor with the latest rated resistances and useful loads that do not just relate to the eye-bolt (rocketbolt) but on the entire system incl. the masonry connection. This means that much fewer permanent anchors are required on the surface; this not only saves anchor costs, but also assembly time. Most competition products only have static verifications for individual components. The masonry connection (attachment material, wall plugs, screws etc.) that is ultimately decisive for the safety and security of the scaffold is almost always left out of the calculations.

  • 7. Delivery scope

    isorocket® permanent scaffold anchors are always supplied as a complete system depending on the wall structure and surface. This means that all parts required for correct assembly are always included. In particular, this also applies to the anchor material approved according to abZ or ETA ( wall plus, screws). This effectively prevents the risk of the incorrect ‘use of wall plugs’, as is common in practice. One further important advantage is that the approval of the isorocket® permanent scaffold anchor does not depend on the respective attachment material. As a result, we can make further improvements to wall plugs and/or screws (of course with an approval) in the future that help to improve the high stability of the overall system without having to obtain a new approval.

  • 8. Reuse

    The option/function of reuse is a central component of the DIN 4426 (German standard). Otherwise, there would also be no reason for scaffold anchors to remain in the façade permanently. The isorocket® permanent scaffold anchor is the only anchoring system that offers two reuse options.

    1. Unscrew the plugs with an Allen key, screw in the eye-bolts, hook in the scaffold, finished.

    However, scaffolders report that it is very difficult in practice to align the anchor points with the nodes of the various system scaffolds whenever renovation is necessary (e.g. a new coat of paint). We also have an amazing solution for this scenario.

    2. XtensionKit – The adapter for maximum flexibility when anchoring scaffolding.

    The most important advantage of this system lies in its complete independence of scaffold type and grid dimensions. This allows each system scaffold to be anchored easily and secured. Guaranteed!

  • 9. Special case cavity wall

    Most permanent anchor systems fail, especially with respect to cavity wall - but not the isorocket® permanent scaffold anchor. When building the face masonry layer, the bricklayer can completely integrate the anchor body and does not need to loosen any bricks at the scaffold screw that then need to be re-bricked and grouted when the scaffold is removed. This is where the clever function of the ‘swan neck’ comes into play; it effectively separates the scaffold screw from the construction material that is used. Consequently, it is therefore possible to anchor to the rear load-bearing wall easily when the anchor point is reused. This effectively prevents the impermissible practice of anchoring in the face masonry layer that is common on a day-to-day basis. This does away with the need to open the face masonry layer and remove the thermal insulation to anchor the load-bearing masonry, and also the resulting complex closing process.

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  • Ablängen

    Shortening of the screw channel with the rocketcutter (special tool from the assembly set).

  • Stopfen

    Attachment of the thermal bridge-free plug.

  • Dämmung

    Clean preparation of the insulating material Ideal force dissipation ensures stability.

  • System Concrete

    The isorocket® Concrete series is specially designed for use on concrete according to DIN 4426 (German standard).

  • Anstrich

    Clean painting work around the isorocket® permanent scaffold anchor.