Isorocket Flieger

MEGA Masonry 340–400 mm

Approved permanent scaffold anchor for ETICS, VCW and cavity wall. For use on masonry according to DIN 4426 (German standard). For structure thicknesses of 340 – 400 mm.

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isorocket® MEGA Masonry

  • isorocket® rocketcomponents Masonry
  • isorocket® MEGA Masonry
  • isorocket® MEGA Masonry
  • Product description

    The isorocket® permanent scaffold anchor MEGA Masonry is an approved anchor system according to DIN 4426 (German standard) for external thermal insulation composite systems (ETICS), ventilated curtain wall façade (VCW) and cavity wall that protects the façade against damage right from the outset. isorocket® remains as a permanent, almost thermal bridge-free anchor point integrated into the façade, which means it can be reused at any time. Thanks to its ideal force dissipation, the isorocket® permanent scaffold anchor not only ensures a secure hold of the construction scaffold, it can also be applied for various uses in new buildings and also later. The extensive work required to fix damage to new façades, for instance damage often caused by conventional ring screws, is now a thing of the past. The isorocket® permanent scaffold anchor MEGA Concrete is suitable for structure thicknesses of 340–400 mm on masonry. The permanent anchor system allows clean separation of the various trades and does not leave any mutual dependencies between the façade and scaffold construction.

  • Classification / system components

    Approved permanent scaffold anchor system for ETICS, VCW and cavity wall according to DIN 4426 (German standard). For use on masonry with a characteristic lead-bearing capacity of 5.0 KN of the strength class 28 in the format 3DF.

    Additional feature: for structure thicknesses from 340–400 mm
    Article number: 9.1.230

    • rocketplug: Plastic frame plug (4 Stück)
    • rocketbase: Load distribution plate, galvanised steel, 280 x 280 mm
    • rocketbody: Anchor body, plastic (glass-fibre reinforced)
    • rocketbolt: Eye-bolt, special steel, ø 18 mm
    • rocketseal: Plug, plastic body with hex stainless steel insert
  • Accessories

    • rocketglue: Fast-hardening composite glue for initial adhesion of the load distribution plate
    • Assembly set: Available as Standard or Extended (for ETICS panels). Necessary special tools for assembly of the isorocket® permanent scaffold anchor

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  • Kraftaufnahme

    Perfect force absorption per assembly point.

  • Stopfen

    Attachment of the thermal bridge-free plug.

  • Anstrich

    Clean painting work around the isorocket® permanent scaffold anchor.

  • Ablängen

    Shortening of the screw channel with the rocketcutter (special tool from the assembly set).

  • Verankerung

    Secure anchoring of the scaffold with the isorocket® permanent scaffold anchor.